Send the device

You can send a device to repair to us by using a courier service or an parcel terminals service.

If you want the courier to arrive at your convenient address, just fill in the form below and we will call the courier on the day you specify.

If it is more convenient for you to send the device by parcel terminals, please send parcel terminal- courier to Kęstučio g. 50, Vilnius LT-08112. In this case, it is not necessary to complete the questionnaire, but after filling, we will be able to plan the planned repair of the unit, order missing parts, reserve work time.

After receiving the completed questionnaire, we will contact you for terms,corrections and payment. You decide whether we to repair it or return it to you.

You can withdraw the device at MOBILENA Service Center, at Kęstučio g. 50, Vilnius or we will return by courier to your convenient address or to your chosen post terminal.

The cost of the service is € 2.00 one way and will be added to the general account, and upon delivery to parcel terminal the payment will be required on its own.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at (8-5) 277 5577

From any corner of Lithuania

Carefully pack the device

Pack your device so that the courier can safely deliver it to us.

The manufacturer’s packaging is best suited or wrapped in a soft, bubble film or other soft, loose material and placed in a cardboard or other hard box. Paste the box well. If you order a courier, stick the packaging label that you will receive from us by email. If it is not possible to print the label, write down the sender’s and the recipient’s details, as well as on the postal envelope.

Transfer to courier

Upon arrival at the courier, hand over the completed package and submit two printed manifests that you will receive by e-mail. One manifest will be signed by the courier and will be returned to you. If it is not possible to print manifests, the courier will fill out the manifest in writing.

Or send it out by parcel terminal

You can find the nearest parcel terminal lists and other information on the pages of the parcel services, just click on the banner with the mouse.

Post terminals