We carry out quality, promptly and at an affordable price repairs of any complexity. We provide 6 months warranty for all repairs and parts. Repair prices indicated in total for works and parts, are preliminary and can be adjusted after diagnostics. Repairing several failures of device immediately, discounts apply.
Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  • Non-guarantee repair of phones and tablets

    Such repairs include: replacement of collapsed, broken screen, touching glass, removal of moisture damage, removal of loading problems, replacement of batteries, chargers, as well as all failures of the device for which the warranty period has expired.

  • Repairing an Insured Mobile phone or Tablet

    We will repair the broken screen or any other damage of device for free or under conditions specified in the insurance contract.

    We cooperate with all Lithuanian insurance companies.

  • Repair time

    The most common repairs, except for the motherboard repair, take from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

    Occasionally there are more queues and repairs can last longer. If you want to retrieve the smart device as soon as possible, we recommend you to reserve the repair time by phone.

  • Quality guarantee

    For all parts and the quality of the work performed a 6-month warranty is granted.

Repair price
Diagnostics0 €
Tempered Glass Screen Protector stickingnuo 5 €
Tempered Glass Screen Protector sticking (5D)13 €
Screen glass Replacement70 €
Display Assembly Replacement (RETINA Original)90 €
Display Assembly Replacement (Analog)64 €
Data retention*≥ 10 €
Battery Replacement29 €
Body / frame Replacement65 €
Home Button Replacement39 €
Power Button Replacement „on/off“40 €
Charging connector and Headphone Jack Replacement40 €
WiFi & Bluetooth Antenna Replacement35 €
Rear Facing Camera Replacement (Used)** €
Rear Facing Camera Glass Replacement20 €
Earpiece Speaker Replacement35 €
Control Buttons Replacement «Volume»35 €
Front-Facing Camera and Sensor Cable Replacement40 €
Vibrator Replacement35 €
Speaker Replacement35 €
Liquid Damage Repair≥ 20 €
Operating System Update, recovery / rewrite*15 €
Change the device to a new one* €

*The repair cost depends on the difficulty of the repairment.

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