In most modern mobile phones and tablets, the screen glass is glued to the screen and forms the so-called display module. Thanks to this technology, the screen image is transmitted more transparently, clearer, brighter. The disadvantage of this technology is that once the screen crash has collapsed, although the screen itself is still working well, only one and quite expensive repairs are foreseen for the manufacturers – to change the entire module. However, technology is being developed which, thanks to the use of special equipment, can separate the broken glass from the screen and attach a new one, while changing the frame and other small details.

We carry out RETINA – IPS and super AMOLED – OLED display refurbish by OCA and LOCA technology from 2014. Over the course of this time, we have refined and modernized our equipment many times, the craftsmen have gained great skills, so we can say that we are doing the refresh of our screens perfectly.

The quality of the retreaded screen is virtually equivalent to the new original screen, but costs considerably less.

Electronic part – The LCD monitor remains original, so the quality of the image, colors, and the sensory effect is perfect.

100% compatible with the device, including future software updates

We provide a 6 month warranty.