Warranty repairs – free repairs performed by the warranty service provided by the MOBILENA Service Center. The warranty is valid for a given period if the equipment has been used in accordance with the manufacturer’s safe handling rules. The warranty applies to work done and replacement parts.

1.Remont – paid service, troubleshooting, software management.

2.If a client transfers a device for repair but does not agree with the estimated repair cost or for other reasons decides not to leave the device for repair, then a diagnostic fee (price is indicated in the price list) is applied. The diagnostic fee may also apply in cases where the device was given a warranty repair, but there is no malfunction or a malfunction is unrelated to the repair of the MOBILENA service center. Diagnostics involves setting up faulty parts, but not changing or repairing them.

3. The MOBILENA Service Center may apply a diagnostic fee if the customer requires the device inspection findings.

4. The MOBILENA Service Center is not responsible for any violations that occur during the selection of the unit if it contains unauthorized of the manufacturer or poor quality parts. It is also not responsible for the preservation of safety glasses or films if they need to be removed during repair.

5. In case of additional questions, due to device malfunctions or, if necessary, to find out additional information, employees of MOBILENA Service Center will try to contact the customer for 5 business days in a row. Failure to contact UAB,MOBILENA Service Center has the right to return not repaired device without prior notice.

6. If from the day the service center has informed the customer by phone, SMS or e-mail have elapsed 5 working days and the client did not respond or did not send the attachments, the service center has the right to return the device to the customer without prior notice and without repair.

7. Repair works are carried out as soon as possible within a period of up to 15 calendar days, but the repair period may be extended, taking into account that the faulty parts are not in the warehouse of the service center and in the suppliers’ warehouses. In such cases, the service center undertakes to notify the client by a short message of the need to extend the repair period

8. The service price is determined by the service center’s specialists according to the price list of the MOBILENA service center. If the client so requests, the specialists of the service center provide detailed explanations regarding the prices specified in the price list and the specifics of the works to be performed. If a non-warranty repair is carried out, the service center will provide a 6-month warranty for the repairs and replacement parts, which is calculated from the date of delivery to the customer. The warranty does not restrict the client’s rights under applicable law.

9. When providing a repair facility, the client is informed and aware that it may lose the data stored on the device (contacts, pictures, video and audio records, calendar entries, etc.). The customer is responsible for data retention. Data retention before repair is a paid service and the customer must notify the responsible service center staff about the desire to save the data before the device being given to for repair.

10. The customer confirms with his signature that the device is his property and the data (name, surname, telephone number) specified by him is correct. When the client submits false information and consequently damages the service center, the client undertakes to cover all expenses incurred.

11. The MOBILENA Service Center undertakes to store the client device free of charge for 60 calendar days from the moment when the customer is informed by e-mail, short message or call to withdraw the device. For longer storage of the device, the customer undertakes to pay -0.30€ (thirty euro cents) for each subsequent day.

12. Before getting back the device, the client must pay all the costs related to the services received: for paid repair, diagnostics, storage of the device, etc.

13.Taking back a repaired device, the customer receives a receipt voucher for the service center. If the receipt voucher is lost, the service center issues the device only to the person indicated in the receipt voucher. In this case, before issuing the device, the customer must provide the service center with the required documents or copies of them, which confirm the identity of the customer and the connection with the device.

14.Issuing the device after repair, the customer must check:

(a) is the device recovered after repair having the same equipment as was given to the repair;

b) whether failures of the device after the repair were removed;

(c) after repair, no new external device defects occurred.

Any claims for repairs must be made by the customer to the service center before the device is withdrawn.

Upon withdrawal of the device, the customer confirms with his signature receipt voucher that he has performed the specified inspection, the repair of the device is performed qualitatively, and as a result the client has no claims to the service center.

15. Telephone calls and / or communication by other electronic means between the Client and UAB,MOBILENA for the provided services may be recorded and stored in order to document the performance of the service, verify and improve the quality of service or settle disputes between the Client and UAB,MOBILENA.